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Euntae Hwang is the Captain of the Criminals Investigations Division and works with the Vampire Task Force.


He is seen with red hair parted to the right, brown eyes, and fair skin. He has a long nose framed by a defined and angular jaw with a tall, muscular build. He usually dresses casually and wears two black earrings on each ear. His lips often curl into a smirk or purse with attitude. Everywhere he goes, people gawk at him because he's so handsome.


He has a kind nature, a sense of justice, and is willing to risk his life to catch vampires. However he is unpredictable and hard to read at times, such as the instances where he saved Hayan from being revealed as a vampire. He does possess quirky mannerisms, such as his infamous morning routine, jealousy towards other men Hayan encounters, and underlying pettiness against Vael. The captain is confident in his ability to fight, very perceptive of his surroundings, and has a strong sense of duty. He tends to be very chatty in even the most serious situations and can let his cockiness get the best of him. Whenever Hayan asks how he was able to complete a difficult task, Euntae would boast that his skills are first rate, but does not go into much detail. When confronting his sister, he lets his guard down and appears remorseful. He is overprotective of his loved ones, showcased by the lengths he went to save Haeun from being turned and his nonstop care for Hayan when she was unconscious.


Euntae was a student at the local police academy, as was noted to be a prodigy at the top of his class. He lived in a small rooftop shack with his sister, as both were impoverished and their parents had disappeared four years earlier. One day, both their parents re-enter their lives, surprisingly with financial success.

Euntae and Haeun move in with their parents for what Euntae assumed to be a normal life. He is later horrified when he secretly witnesses his parents drinking someone's blood, revealing them to be vampires. Since then, Euntae was wary around his parents, but he didn't turn them in. Later on, returning from a beach trip, the Hwang family's car mysteriously breaks down near an isolated village. A local resident offers them a place to stay for the night until businesses open to get a tow truck. Euntae, still suspicious of the situation and knowledge of his parents' vampirism, sneaks out in the middle of the night. There, he witnesses his parents and other vampires drink blood in an abandoned church. Unfortunately, Euntae is caught by the caretaker. He pretends to want to become a vampire as well, which initially relieves his parents. However, he dropped his facade when he felt he could fight back. The caretaker fatally wounds him. However, Euntae calls out the caretaker's lies that he knew a way to live past 5 years as a vampire. This caused the caretaker to kill Euntae's parents. The caretaker then goes after Haeun. Scared for Haeun's safety, Euntae had no choice but to drink the blood of his dead parents, vampire blood, to become a vampire. He manages to kill the vampires in the compound and take Haeun to safety. However, he does not tell Haeun what happened or why he was a vampire, which eventually led to their relationship being fractured.


Euntae first appears in the police station, discussing the effectiveness of the vampire hunting efforts. After hearing of a vampire incident at a local university, he goes to investigate. He meets Hayan Park, saving her from vigilante vampire inquisitors, and suspects she is a vampire. After trying some discreet tests, which Hayan forces herself to pass, he is able to deduce Hayan is a pureblood. Euntae leaves Hayan with his contact information, but the two do not communicate.

A few days later, Euntae is at the police station when he hears of chaos at the Red Book Club, which is a secret Angel of Death hideout, he arrives with a force of policemen to apprehend the vampire. He finds that all the vampires have been destroyed, including the Angel of Death. He only sees one white-haired female vampire, who he immediately recognizes as Hayan. He knows Hayan is a kindhearted vampire and empathizes with her, discreetly telling her a way to escape. After that, he is surprised that Hayan would come to the police station and is surprised even more when Hayan asks for his help in exterminating all the vampires.

Euntae agrees, offering a spare bedroom in his home for Hayan to stay in and as a base of operations. He first explains the Angel of Death network, but for now settles on first getting rid of the corruption the vampires have brought into the police force, identifying the police chief as a vampire. However, the police chief and her boyfriend realize the two are on to them, and the boyfriend moves to recover the stolen computer files. He manages to escape, with Hayan chasing him. Euntae, however, is caught and held hostage by the police chief, who attempts to use him as leverage to recover the data. Euntae is shocked, however, when the police chief, fed up with the boyfriend's disparagement of the police force, turns on him. He is then able to beat down and restrain the boyfriend. The next day, he watches as the vampire hunting squad brings in the chief for execution, reflecting on how the corruption he sought to weed out hasn't changed and how hard the task ahead of him is.

Some time later, Euntae briefs Hayan on the next Angel of Death they will hunt: Sahan. He notes that Sahan's group of vampires grew at a very fast rate. They go to a high school to investigate. After briefing the principal on their investigation, they run into Sahan, though nothing comes of it. As they leave the school grounds, they see Yunseo Na run off somewhere. They trail her and see that she got turned into a vampire. They keep her from causing too big of a scene, but do not apprehend her. Later, Euntae continues revealing what he knows of Sahan, noting that Sahan is far more dangerous than Lucian and that Sahan uses hypnosis. He watches over Hayan as she recovers from Sahan's powers. He and Hayan return to the high school, where they see Hyeong Il being tortured by Sahan. While Hayan goes to fight Sahan, Euntae escorts the student to safety. After Sahan's defeat, Euntae arranges for the school, whose entire student body, has been converted to a safehouse where the students can live out the 5 years of life they have left in peace. Euntae places a tracker on Sahan and intentionally leaves security relaxed so Sahan can escape and be tracked to God's hideout.

Hayan, having become suspicious of how Euntae came to know how vampires operate, tries investigating Euntae's past. Hayan decides to swap out Euntae's blood thinners for a placebo, realizing that Euntae got the info because he is a vampire himself, though Euntae assures Hayan he isn't working for an Angel of Death. Euntae, attempts to keep his secrets hidden by challenging Hayan to beat him in hand to hand combat, but the fight was interrupted by a visually impaired restaurant owner. Euntae tries to keep his distance from Hayan for the time being, but runs into her again as he checks in on his sister, whose apartment caught fire. After receiving cold and hostile treatment from Haeun, Euntae meets with Hayan and divulges his past. He tells Hayan he regrets having put her under a lot of pressure, but also notes he needs to speed things up, as he only has 6 months left to live. He returns to Hayan's apartment, having suspected her boyfriend of being the arsonist. He is further enraged to see that the house fire was part of a set up to take Haeun as ransom to pay off his debts. He coerces the boyfriend into confessing his crimes and revealing these debtors or be set up as an underwear thief. Later that evening, he, Haeun, and Hayan enjoy a dinner together.

Eventually, the police department notice Sahan's tracker stopping at one location. Euntae realized this was the hideout and ordered the police to close in on the location as fast as they could, but they still could not get there before the hideout was emptied. The only thing they were able to recover was Sahan's tracker and ashes. He realizes Sahan's death was the work of an Angel of Death with the nickname "Ash," but notes that they have almost no intelligence on her powers. After the meeting, Hayan leaves for dinner while Euntae stays behind to complete additional work. While in the parking lot, he is met by famous actress Ayeong Song, unaware that Ayeong is Ash. Ash tries to put Euntae under his powers, but Euntae found Ayeong's attempts to be too forward and managed to avoid it. Hayan eventually returns and the two leave for dinner. Later that night, Euntae continues to work on gathering information about Ash. Ash, who has disguised herself as Hayan, arrives and attempts to subject Euntae to her powers. However, Euntae, realizing that he wasn't talking to Hayan, attempts to deflect the situation while avoiding an actual fight, knowing that he alone is no match for an Angel of Death. Euntae, playing along and pretending to not notice the disguise, emotionally reassures the imposter. Ash, upon hearing this, suddenly decides to call off the attack and leaves. Euntae, alarmed, reflects on what happened and is shocked that such an ability exists. Moments later, the real Hayan appears, though Euntae has to confirm her identity first. After telling Hayan of the recent attack, the two immediately press forward with their investigation into Ash. Some time later, Euntae and Hayan confront Ash, having figured out her true identity. Euntae, however, is forced to leave the battlefield to address a supposed threat Ayeong put in place, only to discover it was a bluff.

After Ash's defeat, Euntae suggests targeting Mamon, an Angel of Death and Pharmacy CEO, to find out more about the mysterious pills Ash had, but Hayan is more interested in recovering lost memories. They travel to Bangsuk to investigate Hayan's past. While initially they are unable to find additional info, Euntae leaves to conduct his own investigation. He makes a shocking discovery, which causes him to rush back and investigate the village further. He sees Hayan defeating a vampire disguised as God, and tells Hayan the truth: Yohan Seo, Hayan's childhood friend, is actually God and murdered Hayan's parents as well as started the vampire crisis. While Hayan is furious, the agitation it causes her heart leads her to blackout. A worried Euntae watches over her for 2 weeks while she recovers. Euntae consoles Hayan for her guilt and suggests going after the Angel of Death.

As they are travelling, the two are confronted by Vael, whom Euntae recognizes as an Angel of Death. Euntae, noticing Hayan's heart is glowing and she is uncharacteristically agitated, instead confronts the Angel himself. Baal, however, declares his loyalty to Hayan, though backs off upon noticing Hayan's heart. He issues a warning to the two about Yohan before leaving. Euntae and Hayan watch a news broadcast about an anti-vampirification vaccine that has been approved. With Baal's warning fresh in their minds, Euntae advises his sister to not take the vaccine. The two go to the manufacturing facility only to find that it is derelict and abandoned. Euntae notices a delivery truck and, upon talking to the drivers, deduces they are up to no good. Euntae discovers the truck is full of kidnapped humans. This inspires Euntae to have the two pose as some abductees. They infiltrate the true facility and attract Mamon's attention. After confronting him, Yohan reveals himself to the group over the PA system. Euntae fails to keep Hayan calm and has to chase after her. Upon finding her alone in the security booth, he checks on her, but is shocked that Hayan is in the Pureblodd's true state. Hayan, unfortunately, is very aggressive and hostile to everyone around her and cannot recognize friend from foe, forcing Euntae to defend himself. He eventually makes Hayan wear her thorn crown, which brings Hayan back to her senses. The two find an abandoned cathedral to rest at and enjoy the moment of peace. Euntae, however, quickly leaves as he struggles to hide the signs his life is ending. Euntae is able to quickly hide his symptoms so Hayan wouldn't discover it. He offers to train Hayan to become a better fighter, noting that her fighting style was raw and prone to cause herself harm while not maximizing her full physical power. As he helps Hayan refine her technique, he notes that Hayan is learning at a very fast pace. Hayan later discovers some signs that Euntae's life is nearing the end, and offers to give him her blood. While Euntae is tempted, he resists, noting that it wouldn't work given how close to death he is and also because he does not want to focus on his own mortality before completing the mission.

After some time training, they check the progress of the fake vaccine distribution. They notice something strange about Korea's President when he advocated for vaccine use and decide to investigate. While en route, Vael attacks the two vampires. Euntae notes how different Vael's demeanor is, but Vael responds that he is here to kill Euntae. The two begin fighting, but Vael gets the upper hand and pins Euntae to the ground. Vael discreetly warns Euntae and Hayan that Yohan's minions are observing the fight and will shoot the two with acidic bullets if Vael does not appear to succeed. He instead tells Euntae that he will pretend to kill him and that Euntae and Hayan were to play along. The plan works and the three meet up in Vael's personal hideout.

In Vael's hideout, it becomes apparent that the two male vampires do not like each other and are seemingly trying to make each other jealous. Euntae and Hayan listen to Vael's motivations. While Hayan is curious about Vael's theory on saving vampires, Euntae remains skeptical and uninterested. Euntae explains his suspicions to Hayan. As they do, they watch a press conference of a politician advocating against using the vaccine. Euntae notes that such people have been disappearing and suspects that Vael has been killing them. This is seemingly confirmed when they are able to track Vael to the last location anyone saw the politician. However, they are surprised to learn Vael has been faking these assassinations and instead have hidden away the targets in a safehouse. After returning to Vael's hideout, Euntae offers to help Vael hide his betrayal.

A few days later, Euntae and Hayan keep an eye on Daniel while Vael puts on a magic show.


  • Haeun Hwang - Haeun Hwang is Euntae's younger sister. Growing up, the two had a very close relationship. However, due to Euntae not telling Haeun why he was a vampire or what happened on their beach trip, this relationship grew extremely strained. Haeun resents Euntae for supposedly abandoning their parents and openly berates him. However, she does not outright hate him as she did not turn him in. Euntae, on the other hand, cares about her safety. The two reconcile after Hayan reveals the truth to Haeun and when Haeun realizes that Euntae still carries the cherry charm she made with him nearly 5 years ago.
  • Hayan Park - Hayan Park is a Pureblood Vampire Euntae met and is working with. The two of them are very like-minded in that they both want to see evil vampires destroyed from the world. The two have a good working relationship and care about each other enough to make a good team. However, Hayan finds some of Euntae's mannerisms odd and teases him about it, and also is annoyed by his tendency to hide information. Euntae, on the other hand, realizes he needs Hayan's help. He slowly progresses from a sense of partnership to developing feelings for her but feels the need to suppress them. It seems to him that his desire is unrequited, for she seems too caught up in ridding the world of vampires to notice.

Powers & Abilities


Vampire Physiology:

  • Superhuman Strength: Euntae is a physically enhanced vampire whose raw strength and speed exceeds that of an ordinary human. However, Euntae notes he is relatively weak compared to other vampires. This may be simply to due to modesty, however, as he was able to hold is own against an Angel of Death.
  • Superhuman Durability:
  • Superhuman Speed:

  • Superhuman Reflexes: Thanks to his heightened senses and physical ability as a vampire as well as regular physical training, Euntae has excellent reflexes and can defend or avoid most attacks that others would have been struck by. His reflexes are great enough for him to just narrowly avoid being hit by an enraged Hayan, though he admits he is not able to keep that up forever.


  • Genius Intellect - Euntae was a prodigy in the police academy, being at the top of his class and graduating at a very young age. He handles situations professionally and diligently works to fight vampires. He was able to gather a lot of information on vampires and how the vampire network operated. Additionally, he is very thorough in investigating strange situations, and realized Yohan's initial kindness was a lie. He is also able to maintain his composure and realize that Hayan's crown of thorns kept her calm.
  • Creative Tactician: Euntae is able to quickly devise creative solutions to his problems. This includes creating an opening for Hayan to escape and using disguises to infiltrate Mamon's factory.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combat: Euntae is an expert hand-to-hand combatant. He is able to effectively fight people while holding back enough strength to avoid suspicion of being a vampire. Additionally, Euntae has a very refined technique that allows him to fight opponents who would otherwise be stronger than him, gaining the upper hand against Hayan, even though Hayan did not use her full strength at that time.
  • Vampiric strength and speed: Euntae is a physically enhanced vampire whose raw strength and speed exceeds that of an ordinary human. However, Euntae notes he is relatively weak compared to other vampires. This may be simply to due to modesty, however, as he was able to hold is own against an Angel of Death.
  • Sharp Reflexes: Thanks to his heightened senses and physical ability as a vampire as well as regular physical training, Euntae has excellent reflexes and can defend or avoid most attacks that others would have been struck by. His reflexes are great enough for him to just narrowly avoid being hit by an enraged Hayan, though he admits he is not able to keep that up forever.


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