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Father Michael, also known as Myeongsu Choi, is the caretaker of Hayan Park. After experiencing some trauma, he hasn't smiled since.


Father Michael was a tall man with dark complexion. While lanky, he had a muscular build. He had short, somewhat spiky grey hair. He frequently wore a black Priest's frock.


When Father Michael was younger, he was optimistic. However, since his discharge from a presumably traumatic service in the military, he has not smiled since and is more cold and aloof. He is disciplined and dutiful and wishes to instill those values in his adoptive family, particularly Hayan. He is very protective of his adoptive family and is willing to put his life on the line in their defense. Father Michael genuinely loves his children, but he has difficulty showing his emotions. In fact, he did not outwardly display any form of affection towards Hayan, instead writing about how he regretted not doing so in undelivered letters.


When Father Michael was younger, he served in the military. After a traumatic incident, Father Michael was later discharged and eventually became a priest. He met Hayan, who was alone on the streets and took her in. Despite Hayan being a vampire, he still accepted her as his adoptive daughter, though he almost risked losing her after he thoughtlessly referred to vampires as monsters. Since then, Father Michael has ran the church and took in two more orphans.


After Hayan used her powers to defend herself late at night, Father Michael learns of the incident. Despite Hayan escaping the incident without witnesses, Father Michael scolded Hayan for putting herself in such a position and risk exposing herself. Father Michael later learned of another vampire incident near the university and knows that only Hayan is powerful enough to leave such destruction. He once again scolds her, as even though she was using her powers for good, the rest of society will never see it that way and will still see her as a monster. Hayan gets angry at this and storms off, leaving Father Michael regretful of argument. The next day, as Father Michael conducts church services, Lucian confronts him, demanding to know where the Pureblood Vampire he was housing is. Father Michael ends service and turns Lucian away. However, he knows they will be back and makes preparations to confront Lucian's henchmen, including rigging an explosive trap. This leads to the henchmen's backup being stalled while Father Michael begins destroying the remaining vampires. Lucian is forced to confront Father Michael himself. He quickly finds the Angel of Death impervious to fire, and instead uses an RPG launcher. However, he is shocked when Lucian is able to destroy the weapon before he could land a hit. Lucian wounds Father Michael and leaves him pinned under debris to die in the church fire. Father Michael is able to live long enough to reconcile with Hayan and urge her to protect herself.

Since Father Michael's death, Hayan has been haunted by regret that she didn't do anything to save him, even though Father Michael told her not to reveal his powers.


Hayan Park

Father Michael was the a father figure in her life. They had a close relationship and he was aware of her vampire form, bringing her favourite food for her when her brothers and sisters ate something she couldn't. He protected her human identity and helped her conceal her vampire self, and also made the thorn crown for her to help her control between her two forms.


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