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Hayan Park is a pureblood vampire and the main protagonist of Unholy Blood.


In her human form, Hayan has dark brown hair and brown eyes. In her vampire form, she has white hair and blue eyes. She looks 'weak', which often makes people underestimate her strength.


Hayan usually tries to maintain a cheerful, upbeat personality. She tries to be a good role model to her adoptive siblings. She is also very self-conscious of being a Pureblood, aware of how hated Vampires are. She tries to avoid using her powers as much as possible. After Father Michael's death, Hayan becomes haunted by grief and the desire for vengeance. She no longer fears her own powers, but will use them to "make things right" She directs that grief into hunting and destroying the vampire empire. She becomes much more serious and focused in achieving her goal. However, she is very empathetic to innocents and weaker vampires that the Angels of Death have exploited. She avoids putting citizens in danger as much as she can. Hayan, however, also became more ill-tempered, particularly around Angels of Death, and maintains an understandable level of mistrust and animosity towards them.

While Father Michael generally raised Hayan in a sheltered environment, she is not completely clueless to social conventions. Hayan is also creative and can improvise plans on the spot if need be, and is a very observant person. She is gracious to the hospitality of others.


Hayan spent much of her childhood at Bangsuk Market, living with her parents. She had a friend named Yohan Seo, but the friendship was strained after Hayan revealed her powers, striking fear into Yohan. Hayan, then an 8 year old, wondered why they had to hide their powers instead of using them to help others. While her parents believed that using their powers wantonly would lead to troubled times, they will use them if confronted with a truly immoral person, such as the thugs coercing Yohan to rob the Parks. One day, Hayan found Yohan on the brink of death and begged his parents to convert him into a vampire. Mr. Park agreed to help. Some time later, this would prove to backfire, as Yohan's dark ambitions led him to commit mass murder. Mr. Park went to confront Yohan, but after an extended time with no contact with his family. Hayan and Mrs. Park began searching for him. To their horror, they found Mr. Park dying in a warehouse, his heart ripped out by Yohan. Mrs. Park tells Hayan to run as she sacrifices herself to stop Yohan. However, Mrs. Park failed to kill him, although she did destroy her heart enough to be useless to Yohan. Hayan, however, did not run far out of worry for her parents. Hayan is terrified to see Yohan survive, but Yohan let her live because she was too young.

Hayan would subconsciously repress these memories due to the extreme trauma that comes with them. She eventually is adopted by Father Michael, who helps hide her from the world.


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As the only known true Pureblood Vampire, Hayan is one of the strongest, if not the strongest character in the series.

  • Extreme Strength and Speed: Hayan possesses extreme strength and speed. She stopped a vampires punch with just one finger while not exerting any effort at all. Angels are no match for her, as she is able to out run and easily overpower the Angel of Death Lucian even though her strength was limited. After regaining her full memories and full power, her strength grew immensely. When striking her enemies, a shockwave is created through the force of her attack.
  • Hypnosis: Hayan regained use of this ability while fighting Sahan. Her hypnosis is powerful enough that even an Angel of Death cannot break free from it.
  • Shapeshifting: Hayan has regained the ability to shapeshift while fighting Ash. She is able to change into a person's true form even if she has never seen it, such as when she transformed into Ash's original self. Hayan, however, has not used this ability since regaining it.
  • Extreme Recover and Regeneration: Hayan's ability to recover and regenerate from injury and fatigue is much faster than that of Mixed Blood vampires or Angels of Death. However, it does not grant her immortality and it is not instantaneous, an opponent can still kill Hayan if the injuries are delivered fast and severe enough or destroy vital organs.
  • Enhanced senses: As a vampire, Hayan's senses, particularly hearing and smell, are heightened and can help her navigate in the dark.
  • Creative tactician and intelligence: While not as savvy as Euntae, Hayan is very proficient at finding unorthodox solutions to her problems and is able to investigate situations to find hidden truths. Hayan is also a very quick learner and is able to master the techniques that Euntae taught her in a matter of hours, whereas it took Euntae years to learn them.


  • Memory-related Power Suppression: Prior to Lucian killing Father Michael, while Hayan was still stronger than any Mixed Blood Vampire, her full powers were locked away from her. This included most of her true physical power and all her psychic abilities. This suppression was apparently linked to her repressed memories of her childhood. In other words, because she could not remember anything of her past before meeting Father Michael, she could not use her full abilities. Hayan slowly regained her memories, as well as her powers, as she fought the Angels of Death. This weakness ceased upon regaining her full memories after learning that "God" was her former childhood friend.
  • Emotional Control: While seemingly levelheaded in most situations, Hayan is fueled by a desire for revenge. In particular, she is quick to anger and act recklessly. The easiest way to provoke Hayan is to threaten her loved ones or display absolute immorality.
  • Inability to Control Her True Power Without Assistance: All Pureblood Vampires have access to seemingly unstoppable power, but to reach the absolute peak of that power comes at a cost: Sentient thought and control of their actions. When Hayan enters this state, she is unable to distinguish friend and foe and will attack any living being near her. The only way to stop her is to use the Crown of Thorns that Father Michael gave her. Hayan tries to avoid fighting without it so she wouldn't lose control.
  • Pureblood Power Suppression: Other Pureblood vampires, even imperfect ones, have the ability to suppress the psychic powers of other Purebloods. Hayan is unable to utilize her psychic powers, such as hypnosis, while under this effect.


Father Michael

She had a close relationship with Father Michael, him being a father figure in her life. They had a close relationship and he was aware of her vampire form, bringing her favorite food for her when her brothers and sisters ate something she couldn't. He protected her human identity and helped her conceal her vampire self, and also made the thorn crown for her to help her control between her two forms.

Euntae Hwang

When Hayan meets Euntae, the head of the vampire task force, he confronts her with suspicions of her true identity. However, he ends up helping Hayan hide the fact that she is a vampire, and they join forces to take down all the vampires in the world. The two initially start as a partners with the same goal but gradually form an unexpected attraction towards each other. At one point, Hayan realizes how desperate she wanted him to live and even offers her blood to him so that he can prolong his life. Although he rejected it, she made it her objective to find a solution.

Yohan Seo

Hayan's first childhood friend, Yohan was the first person other than Father Michael to have known about Hayan being a vampire. Hayan reveals her secret to him when she uses her vampiric powers to defend Yohan from bullies. Whil


  • Hayan's name means "white" in Korean.