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Lucian, previously known as Woojin Lee, is one of the Angels of Death and the owner of the Red Bomb Club.


As a human, Lucian had messy, light brown hair, wore glasses, and generally dressed as a standard office worker. After becoming a vampire, Lucian dyed his hair blue and styled it in a combover. He no longer wore glasses and encased his fangs in gold. His outfit consisted of a red jacket over his suit. He had a thin and lanky build.


Even prior to becoming an Angel of Death, Lucian had an extreme degree of arrogance and fragile pride. As a child, he would openly assault anyone who he saw as looking down on him. His perceptions of himself were reinforced as superiors (such as teachers) blamed the victim rather than him. This arrogance fueled his transformation into a powerful vampire. As a vampire, Lucian lived a lavish life. He had little patience for mistakes and would assault those who erred. Due to his strength, this would accidentally end in the underling's death.


When Lucian was a human child, he assaulted a classmate of his for looking down on him. When the teacher confronted them, the teacher made the victim apologize to Lucian. As Lucian grew into an adult, he rose up the ranks of his parents' company, though rumors persisted that it was because of his relationship to his parents rather than actual merit. He assaulted underlings for standing over him at his desk rather than prostrating to him.

When the Vampire Revolution started, Lucian was caught off guard and was perplexed by how the person before him could put Lucian assault Lucian so easily. Lucian envied that difference and desperately wanted to experience what it was like to live in the world of vampires. After converting into a vampire, Lucian continued to fight upwards so he would never have anyone look down on him again. He easily won the competition to become his district's Angel of Death. Since then, he opened and operated the Red Roof Club. This Faux Business, masqueraded as a safe haven for citizens caught away from home at night in order to lure innocent people to their deaths.


Hunting Pureblood

Lucian first appears in the club when an intruder demands to see him. Lucian recognizes the intruder as a once-famous boxer and offers to make him an underling. The boxer does not care and proceeds to attack Lucian. Lucian was unfazed by this attack and swiftly kills the vampire in one finger flick. Afterwards, he decides to track the Pureblood Vampire. He attempts to pressure Father Michael into divulging her whereabouts but he refuses. Later in the day Lucian tries to send his henchmen to force the information out of him, but he is forced to directly confront him when Father Michael kills a lot of his henchmen. He easily defeats the priest and leaves him for dead.

Confronted by Hayan

Later that evening, the enraged Hayan confronts Lucian. Hayan initially holds back her full strength, but Lucian does not realize this and thinks he has grown stronger. However, he is left begging for his life when Hayan uses more of her strength and beats him down. Before Hayan kills him, Lucian says that his death won't be the end of the war, that more and more vampires will come for Hayan. Hayan kills Lucian using his a flick of the finger, much like how Lucian killed his opponents.


Later on, when Euntae elaborates his research on Angels of Death, he stated that Lucian role's as Angels of Death is financial backer to the organization. This role matches up with Lucian background and lavish vampire life as well.


  • Great Physical Strength - Thanks to Lucian's arrogance and having drank a Pureblood's blood, Lucian's physical strength is extremely high. He is able to kill weaker vampires with just a flick of his finger. He is also fast enough to evade an RPG launcher and strong enough to destroy it with just his bare hands.


  • Arrogance: While his arrogance helped him become extremely powerful, it also led him to forget his own strength and he ends up killing his subordinates when he only intends to harm them. He also severely underestimated Hayan's strength.
  • Lack of psychic abilities: Unlike his fellow Angels of Death, Lucian lacks any sort of psychic power and can only fight using hand to hand combat.


  • Ironically, despite his arrogance, Lucian is implied to be the lowest ranked Angel of Death