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Pureblood Vampires are vampires who were born as a vampire. A pureblood has white hair, blue eyes, and black nails. They can forcibly change their hair and eye color to hide themselves; however, Hayan Park has lost the ability to naturally disguise her appearance and must rely on a wig and contacts. Through some unknown method, some (but not all) vampires are able to tell if someone is a Pureblood Vampire. A Pureblood Vampire shares the weakness to sunlight and inability to eat human food. A Pureblood Vampire does not have a limited lifespan like a Converted Vampire does. A Pureblood Vampire's abilities are many times greater than even those of an Angel of Death, and they can singlehandedly defeat them. Unlike Converted Vampires and Angels of Death, who are limited to either being exclusively the physical or the psychic type, an Angel of Death has both extreme physical talent and psychic abilities. This is because all the Converted Vampires's abilities were originally derived from the Purebloods. However, the psychic abilities may not be readily available to the Pureblood. Hayan's psychic abilities were locked away from her, and she was only able to access her hypnosis abilities after Sahan inadvertently uncovered some of her repressed memories.

A Pureblood's blood is able to enhance a Converted Vampire's abilities to an extreme degree if consumed, though they will still be inferior to a Pureblood in combat. Ingesting a Pureblood's blood also extends the vampire's lifespan beyond the normal 5 years.

If significantly provoked, all true purebloods will reach a level of extreme power that can cripple even imperfect Purebloods. This comes at the cost of higher level thinking. The Pureblood, in this form, loses the ability to distinguish friend from foe and will try to kill any living being until someone is able to calm the Pureblood down.

By eating two Pureblood vampire hearts, an ordinary Mixed-blood vampire can transform into a full Pureblood and achieve its naturally vastly superior power, even greater than drinking a Pureblood's blood. Even eating one heart will create a near-Pureblood and let the vampire achieve extreme levels of strength. Yohan Seo is an example of an imperfect Pureblood, as he could only eat one heart. It is currently unknown what the power difference between an imperfect Pureblood and a true Pureblood is. The heart of the Pureblood must also be in good condition and come from an adult Pureblood to gain its effect. Yohan could not become a true Pureblood due to having only gaining powers from Mr. Park's heart. Mrs. Park's heart was too damaged from her suicide attempt to complete the transformation, and Yohan could not eat Hayan's heart immediately and had to wait until she grew into an adult and fully regained her Pureblood powers before going after her heart.

In the distant past, it is said that it was forbidden for Purebloods to marry non-vampires and to live in isolation from society. Some Purebloods defied that order, marrying humans and living with society. Today, the number of true Purebloods, and Purebloods of any type in general, have diminished to the point where there are only two Purebloods known to still be alive.


Hayan Park

Hayan Park, pureblood vampire form .png

Hayan Park is the main protagonist of Unholy Blood (White Blood) and the most powerful pureblood vampire in the world. In her human form, she has brown hair and eyes. In her vampire form, she has white hair, blue eyes, and black nails. She is kind, cheerful, and protective if her loved ones. In the beginning, Hayan hid her powers because she thinks everybody will hate her because she is a vampire. When the Angel of Death Lucian killed Father Michael, she became driven by revenge and teamed up with Detective Euntae Hwang to kill the Angels of Death and "God."

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Yohan Seo (Former half-pureblood, deceased)

Yohan Seo is the main antagonist of Unholy Blood (White Blood) and is a former half-pureblood, now dead, killed by Hayan Park, whom he had loved while he was alive. In his human form, he has dark black/blue hair and dark blue eyes. In his half-pureblood/vampire he has spiky white hair and one red eye (when he was human he injured it) and one blue eye. He also has black nails. When he was a human, he was very good-natured, hardworking, and timid. He was friends with Hayan and saved from the brink of death by Hayan and her family. His life was very tragic and sad when he was young, resulting in him having suicidal thoughts and loosing hope that his life will be better. Then, when he became a vampire, he became very sadist, sociopathic, and self-centered. Yohan also does not care about anybody now, except maybe Hayan, who he wants to possess. After he killed Hayan's parents (mother, father), Yohan formed a group with the six most powerful vampires in Korea called the Angels of Death, and starts turning people into vampires. Ten years later, he orders the Angels of Death to try to get Hayan's heart one by one.

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Hayan's Mother (deceased)

Hayan's mother (unnamed) is a pureblood who married another pureblood (Hayan's father) and had Hayan. (main protagonist) She was killed while trying to stop Yohan, atempting to kill both herself and Yohan by making her pureblood heart explode. Her human form is brown hair with brown eyes. Her vampire form has white hair, blue eyes, and black nails. Not much is said about her, and we only see her in flashbacks.

Hayan's father, pureblood form.png

Hayan's Father (deceased)

Hayan's father (unnamed) is a pureblood who married another pureblood (Hayan's mother) and had Hayan. (main protagonist) He was killed by Yohan while he was distracted, Yohan later claiming both of Hayan's parents were weak after living so long with humans. His human form is brown hair with brown eyes. His vampire form has white hair, blue eyes, and black nails. Not much is said about him, and we only see him in flashbacks.

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Euntae Hwang

Detective Euntae Hwang was originally a human who got turned into a vampire. When he was at the end of his short five year lifespan, he got turned into a pureblood vampire by drinking Hayan's (a pureblood vampire) blood. He is the Captain of the Criminals Investigations Division and works with the Vampire Task Force. He is one of the main protagonists in Unholy Blood. In his human form, he has red hair and brown eyes. His vampire form is the same except he has red eyes. His pureblood form has white hair, blue eyes, and black nails. Euntae is kind, confident, and has a sense of justice. He has an underlying pettiness against Vael and is sometimes jealous towards other men. He is also overprotective of his loved ones, much like Hayan. Even when he was a normal vampire, he had good fighting skills, mostly based on technique, rather than power and ability, (like Hayan) and he is very smart. He teamed up with Hayan to stop the vampires from ruining the world.

Known Abilities

  • Telekinesis- The ability to move and manipulate objects through mental influence. God uses this ability to combust a group of vampires asking to become Angels of Death, and Ash uses it to disable several security cameras during her fight with Hayan.
  • Hypnosis- The ability to influence thoughts and actions through mind compulsion. Sahan was turned into an Angel of Death for his success in hypnotizing other vampires. Hypnosis is often used to force a target, including a crowd of targets, to attack a specific person, be subdued, or inflict self-harm (usually in the form of ripping their own hearts out). It has also been used to achieve a form of pain infliction. Hayan regained use of this ability while fighting Sahan. Her hypnosis is powerful enough that even an Angel of Death cannot break free from it.
  • Shapeshifting- First seen when Sahan is attacked by Ash, this ability allows its users to assume the form of whoever they recognize. They can also disguise others, providing a means of creating decoys. Hayan has regained the ability to shapeshift while fighting Ash. She is able to change into a person's true form even if she has never seen it, such as when she transformed into Ash's original self. Hayan, however, has not used this ability since regaining it.
  • Life Force Manipulation- Ash uses this ability numerous times by brushing her thumb against the lip of her target, causing them to rapidly age and die. This ability cannot be used on pureblood vampires, as it will singe the user's thumb. Whether or not this limitation applies to purebloods are unknown.
  • Pyrokinesis- Vael displays the ability to create and manipulate fire multiple times. While the flames created are typically orange, Hayan can produce blue fire due to her pureblood nature.
  • Telepathy- The ability to read minds and project one's thoughts into them. Levy possesses this ability.
  • Extreme Strength and Speed: Purebloods possesses extreme strength and speed. Hayan has stopped a vampire's punch with just one finger while not exerting any effort at all. Angels are no match for her, as she is able to out run and easily overpower the Angel of Death Lucian even though her strength was limited. After regaining her full memories and full power, her strength grew immensely. When striking her enemies, a shockwave is created through the force of her attack.
  • Extreme Recover and Regeneration: Purebloods' ability to recover and regenerate from injury and fatigue is much faster than that of Mixed Blood vampires or Angels of Death. However, it does not grant them immortality and it is not instantaneous, an opponent can still kill them if the injuries are delivered fast and severe enough or destroy vital organs. An example being when Yohan, a mixed blood vampire killed Hayan's father, a pureblood.
  • Enhanced senses: As a pureblood, their senses are even better than normal vampires, particularly hearing and smell, are heightened and can help them navigate in the dark. They also lastly come with the Power of Plot-Armor and Bullshit. Don't even dare to think that in the Story any pureblooded Vampire meets even closely of what could be considered an equal Opponent. If a Pureblood dies by the Hands of "Someone", it will always be one of the most ridiculous Nonsense-Reasons possible involved. Before a Person "turned Vampire" somehow defeats a Pureblood Vampire in Combat, you are more likely to see an average Hollow from Bleach defeat nothing less than a Shinigami Captain.