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A Vampire is a species of beings who live amongst humans. Vampires serve as the primary antagonist faction of Unholy Blood.

Mixed-Blood Vampire

A Mixed-Blood Vampire was a human who was turned into a vampire by drinking the blood of another vampire. A Converted Vampire's strength, stamina, and speed have all been drastically enhanced through their transformation. They also gain a strong regenerative ability and will usually survive normally fatal injuries. The abilities of the convert depends on the strength of personality of the vampire's former human personality; however, even the physically weakest vampires are generally stronger than even bodybuilding humans. There are two types of vampires: Those who have great physical strength, and those with supernatural psychic abilities. Vampires generally get stronger through consuming human blood.

Fighting a Converted Vampire is difficult, especially if it is an Angel of Death or known to be powerful. Due to their regenerative abilities, it takes an excess of force to kill even a single vampire, and significant casualties can be expected. The most effective strategy is to completely destroy and incinerate the vampire. The police force also has found it effective to isolate targets rather than engage a group of vampires at the same time. However, it is often difficult to identify a vampire. Vampires can be identified through their irises, which take on a red color when they become aggressive. Another known method is to observe a person's eating habits: Vampires are unable to eat human food without the help of medicinal blood thinners and can only consume blood. A known weakness of Vampires is sunlight or brightly lit rooms. Unlike in movies or legends, however, this does not harm the vampire. Rather, these conditions weaken vampires and they cannot use their full strength. The biggest weakness of a Converted Vampire is their lifespan. A Converted Vampire's lifespan is only 5 years from the date of conversion, and they will immediately die and turn to dust upon hitting that point. The only known exceptions are the Angels of Death. Through some unknown means, other vampires are able to tell when a vampire is nearing the end of their natural lifespan, even if that vampire is not displaying any symptoms at that moment. Mixed-blood vampires nearing the end of their life will grow increasingly ill, with symptoms including vomiting up their own blood. As the Mixed-blood nears death, they will be unable to drink another vampire's blood, and doing so will result in the death of the vampire due to blood incompatibility. This means that not even a Pureblood's blood, which will normally let a vampire live far longer than normal, will be able to save the aged vampire. However, it may be possible to save a Mixed-Blood Vampire by letting them drink Pureblood blood at the moment the incompatible vampire blood within their bodies run out. The lion Daniel was on the verge of death when Hayan gave him some of her blood, which appeared to revitalize Daniel and grant him the strength of a pureblood.

Angels of Death

Angels of Death are a unique sub-type of Mixed-blood Vampire. These Angels of Death were ordinary Converted Vampires who were chosen by a Pureblood Vampire named God to rule over Korea's vampires. God gave the selected a cup of his own blood to drink. This enhances the vampire's physical or psychic abilities to exceed ordinary Converted Vampires, and they are able to live beyond the 5 year limit of ordinary Converted Vampires. An Angel of Death can singlehandedly overwhelm large groups of ordinary Converted Vampires. The police force has not yet challenged an Angel of Death due to their sheer strength. However, their raw power is still no match for that of a Pureblood Vampire. Within the Angels, there is an implied hierarchy of power and authority. The majority of Angels of Death possess a physic ability for which they were chosen, among other factors

At the start of the series, there are Six Angels of Death ruling over Korea's vampire network:

  • Lucian - Deceased, killed by Hayan Park
  • Sahan - Deceased, killed by Ash
  • Ash - Deserted
  • Mamon - Deceased, killed by Yohan Seo
  • Vael - Betrayed organization
  • Gore- Deceased, killed by Hayan Park

Pureblood Vampire

Pureblood Vampires are vampires who were born as much. A Pureblood Vampire's hair is ice white and their eyes are crystal blue. They can forcibly change their hair and eye color to hide themselves; however, Hayan Park has lost the ability to naturally disguise her appearance and must rely on a wig and contacts. Through some unknown method, some (but not all) vampires are able to tell if someone is a Pureblood Vampire. A Pureblood Vampire shares the weakness to sunlight and inability to eat human food. A Pureblood Vampire does not have a limited lifespan like a Converted Vampire does. A Pureblood Vampire's abilities are many times greater than even those of an Angel of Death, and they can singlehandedly defeat them. Unlike Converted Vampires and Angels of Death, who are limited to either being exclusively the physical or the psychic type, an Angel of Death has both extreme physical talent and psychic abilities. This is because all the Converted Vampires's abilities were originally derived from the Purebloods. However, the psychic abilities may not be readily available to the Pureblood. Hayan's psychic abilities were locked away from her, and she was only able to access her hypnosis abilities after Sahan inadvertently uncovered some of her repressed memories.

A Pureblood's blood is able to enhance a Converted Vampire's abilities to an extreme degree if consumed, though they will still be inferior to a Pureblood in combat. Ingesting a Pureblood's blood also extends the vampire's lifespan beyond the normal 5 years.

If significantly provoked, all true purebloods will reach a level of extreme power that can cripple even imperfect Purebloods. This comes at the cost of higher level thinking. The Pureblood, in this form, loses the ability to distinguish friend from foe and will try to kill any living being until someone is able to calm the Pureblood down.

By eating two Pureblood vampire hearts, an ordinary Mixed-blood vampire can transform into a full Pureblood and achieve its naturally vastly superior power, even greater than drinking a Pureblood's blood. Even eating one heart will create a near-Pureblood and let the vampire achieve extreme levels of strength. Yohan Seo is an example of an imperfect Pureblood, as he could only eat one heart. It is currently unknown what the power difference between an imperfect Pureblood and a true Pureblood is. The heart of the Pureblood must also be in good condition and come from an adult Pureblood to gain its effect. Yohan could not become a true Pureblood due to having only gaining powers from Mr. Park's heart. Mrs. Park's heart was too damaged from her suicide attempt to complete the transformation, and Yohan could not eat Hayan's heart immediately and had to wait until she grew into an adult and fully regained her Pureblood powers before going after her heart.

In the distant past, it is said that it was forbidden for Purebloods to marry non-vampires and to live in isolation from society. Some Purebloods defied that order, marrying humans and living with society. Today, the number of true Purebloods, and Purebloods of any type in general, have diminished to the point where there are only two Purebloods known to still be alive.

Known Pureblood Vampires include:

Role In Society

Thanks to the machinations of God and other vampires, vampires have infiltrated every aspect of society. Vampires have attained commanding roles in law enforcement, operate faux businesses, and otherwise maintain a guise of humanity while they work to bring society under their control even more. Angel of Death Lucian operated a faux business. His business posed as a safehouse for people caught out at night, luring unsuspecting and scared people to their deaths. The police chief was also a vampire. While the chief maintains that ever since vampirism started, violent crimes among humans has decreased, this came at the cost of ignoring crimes committed by vampires and actively diverting resources away from hunting them. The vampire crime network also claims to have infiltrated legislatures and the military, and is working to undermine human efforts to stop them. This has led to a general hostility and hatred of vampires in human society.

There appears to be some structure to the vampire's rule. While God is the ruler over all vampires, he or she does not appear to directly lead the vampires. The only known activity God has done was start the vampire apocalypse and create the Angels of Death. The Angels of Death are God's direct servants who were given some of their blood to drink. Next to God, these are the highest ranking vampires. Each of the 7 Angels of Death govern one region of the Korean vampire network. Due to their extreme abilities, those who challenge the Angels are often defeated. Beneath the Angels of Death are the remaining Converted Vampires, whose role and function in the network is determined by which Angels' jurisdiction they fall under and what their role in society was before conversion. The chief's "boyfriend," for example, seemed to serve as an intermediary between the Angels and law enforcement.

Lucian had a large retinue of vampire underlings working at his night club, but he would frequently beat or kill subordinates that annoyed him. Sahan's underlings were vampires he personally converted and placed under his control using hypnosis. Sahan's minions were mainly high school students, particularly those suffering from unfair living conditions. Ash has a personal chauffeur and a retinue of vampires, though she usually disguises the vampires as herself. Mamon had a harem of female vampires that would give him pleasure, and his pharmaceutical company's staff were presumably also vampires working under him. Vael's contingent of mixed-blood vampires were unique. They did not directly aid Vael, who seemed to prefer using the birds and Daniel's assistance. This squad of vampires appeared to actually answer to Yohan and are assigned to Vael to ensure the job is done properly. Yohan also directly commands the mixed blood vampires.

Despite the complexity of the vampire network, their does not appear to be much cooperation or comradery between each jurisdiction despite losing two Angels of Death, the remaining Angels were still ordered to attack Hayan Park individually. In fact, the Angels of Death are known to deride and belittle other Angels that fail their assignments. Vael is the only one to show concern for his fellow Angel Ash. Mamon and Ash are the only two Angels to have worked together on something, with Ash testing the results of Mamon's vampirification medicine research.

Ultimately, the vampire network exists to advance Yohan's personal agenda. Any vampire that serves Yohan, including the Angels of Death, are expendable to him and will either be sacrificed to advance Yohan's goals or eliminated if they no longer are useful to Yohan.

Psychic Abilities

In rare circumstances, vampires gain supernatural powers upon conversion rather than physical prowess. These vampires are considered difficult to overpower, even for other vampires.

Telekinesis- The ability to move and manipulate objects through mental influence. God uses this ability to combust a group of vampires asking to become Angels of Death, and Ash uses it to disable several security cameras during her fight with Hayan.

Hypnosis- The ability to influence thoughts and actions through mind compulsion. Sahan was turned into an Angel of Death for his success in hypnotizing other vampires. Hypnosis is often used to force a target, including a crowd of targets, to attack a specific person, be subdued, or inflict self-harm (usually in the form of ripping their own hearts out). It has also been used to achieve a form of pain infliction.

Shapeshifting- First seen when Sahan is attacked by Ash, this ability allows its users to assume the form of whoever they recognize. They can also disguise others, providing a means of creating decoys.

Life Force Manipulation- Ash uses this ability numerous times by brushing her thumb against the lip of her target, causing them to rapidly age and die. This ability cannot be used on pureblood vampires, as it will singe the user's thumb. Whether or not this limitation applies to purebloods is unknown.

Pyrokinesis- Vael displays the ability to create and manipulate fire multiple times. While the flames created are typically orange, Hayan can produce blue fire due to her pureblood nature.

Telepathy- The ability to read minds and project one's thoughts into them. Levy possesses this ability.


  • Vampires can turn non-human animals, as proven by Daniel and many other pets owned by Vael. Like their formerly human counterparts, they are subject to the 5-year lifespan.
  • Hayan owns a crown of thorns presented to her by Father Michael with the intention of allowing her to conceal her vampire form. As Hayan's powers grew, the crown had less of an effect, eventually not being able to suppress her vampire form. However, it was able to calm her down after she flew into a rage (scroll up for Pureblood Vampire paragraph 3)
    • Due to the crown's religious significance, this may indicate a connection between vampires and Christian beliefs.
    • Alternatively, Hayan might just find the crown comforting/ a reminder of Father Michael.