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Yohan is the main antagonist in Unholy Blood. He is the one responsible for the Vampire Crisis in Korea in which the main story takes place.


Yohan has short black hair and blue eyes. He is tall, muscularly built with broad shoulders and small hips.

As Vampire he has white hair, which becomes spiky when he reveals his vampire form. In his vampire form, he is heterochromatic: his left eye is blue while his right eye is red.


As a Human

Prior to becoming a vampire, Yohan was a very timid boy. Due to being homeless and impoverished, he suffered from a lack of self-worth. This let older and stronger individuals easily take advantage of him and coerce him into doing their dirty work. Initially, he was good friends with Hayan Park and her family.

As a Vampire

After being turned into a vampire, Yohan's personality completely changed due to the strength of his desires. He turns into a vindictive, bloodthirsty, and extremely self-centered individual. He displays extreme megalomania and complete sociopathy, viewing even the Angels of Death as expendable tools and will dispose of them when they no longer serve any purpose. In fact, not only does he not care that they die, their deaths are a necessary part of his ultimate plan. He is a master of deceit, having initially fooled Hayan into believing he was a kind and caring man. His own selfishness and ambitions as a vampire overtook his friendship with the Parks and he now seeks to kill them to obtain their hearts. He shows signs of sadism and sociopathy, pretending to be open to help others as a pretense to kill them. His actions, in part, are driven by a nihilistic view of humans and vampires.

Despite this, he does appear to have a shred of respect left for Hayan, executing two vampires who disrespected her. This respect is only out of recognizing that Hayan's heart is his goal. Yohan, in truth, enjoys emotionally tormenting and provoking Hayan. Yohan's self-centeredness also makes him a hypocrite. While he derides humans and Mixed Blood vampires as greedy, savage monsters, he has engaged in equally and more monstrous acts than they ever could. Additionally, he saw fault in Vael for betraying and attempting to kill him rather than being grateful for being granted power when Yohan too was guilty of abusing his powers and turning on the one who gave him a new chance at life.


Yohan grew up in a South Korean town and lived a really complicated, and tough life, being someone who is bullied at school, and having to live with a jobless mother, who is the only family member he has, but shows no concerns, and caring about her son's condition despite Yohan having visible injuries that are very bad.

At school, Yohan is bullied by the students, as he was beaten up very harshly, and his homeroom teacher disregards him, which makes Yohan felt immense hopelessness, and despair. However, sooner or later, after Yohan got a job as working as a delivery boy, for some unknown reasons, the bullies have stopped messing with him, and even invites him to their place and hangout, or so, that's what he thought, it turns out, the bullies wanted him to help them in cheating on the semester exams, which, Yohan reluctantly complies if he wants to live a quite life.

Yohan's expectation of living a quite life apparently came true, the bullies have stopped picking on him, and everybody in his class seems to get along with him. But, it ends not so long after the bullies have invited Yohan to a place, which it is actually the market where a group of violent gangsters have resided and taken control over. Yohan eventually went from an employed middle-schooler, to a reluctant low-life criminal servant for the gangsters, as what he got in the end is not cash, but a knife to convict murder and commit theft, which, he had no choice.

As it happens, the Palk family saves him, and takes great care of him. However, it wasn't until when Yohan confronts his bully, who apparently once again beats him, which drives Yohan to a point where he eventually tried to kill one of them, but ends up making one of the bullies accidentally stabbing his left eye. As this happens, the Park family saves him and turns him into a vampire, his life once again become greater.

A few days later, Yohan went to confront the bullies, and asked them for apologizing, the leader of the delinquents have did something he didn't expected, as he show immense regret for what they did and asked Yohan for forgiveness, only to find out that the bully is actually pranking him, and ends up being mocked by them, this drove Yohan to a breaking point, as he kills the bullies by ending their lives with one punch.

Yohan then roams around the town as his superhuman hearings causes him to hear reports of criminals, and domestic violence all across the empty and snowy town. It drove him insane, and developed a strong belief that humans doesn't deserve to live, this incident, made Yohan harbors dark ambitions and went on a killing spree at the hospital later on. Upon finding out, Mr. Park went to confront Yohan and nearly overpowered him. Unfortunately, Mr. Park let his guard down, which gave Yohan the chance to hypnotize him and eat his heart. Mrs. Park attempted to kill Yohan and herself by self-destruction, but failed to kill Yohan. Yohan then tried to take Hayan's heart, but upon realizing Hayan's heart hasn't yet matured, he let her go.

Yohan then began unleashing a plague of vampires upon Korea, and began planning to expand his empire across the world and get Hayan's heart.


Under the moniker of "God," Yohan assembles an army of vampires, the 6 strongest and most useful of which are called the Angels of Death. 10 years after killing Hayan's parents, Yohan orders the Angels of Death to capture Hayan. He orders that each effort must be made individually and the Angels cannot work as a group.

After Lucian, Sahan, and Ash all failed to capture Hayan, Yohan goes to confront the Angels of Death and other high ranking vampires in the organization. He questions them on their failures. When one vampire asks to be made an Angel to be of better use, Yohan uses his telekinetic powers to kill the dissenting vampires, which coerces the others into submission. He confirms with Mamon on the status of his research, to which Mamon confirms it is ready to be shipped. After the meeting, Yohan confers with an assistant vampire that Hayan's heart is almost ready, and that she needs one final push. He suggests sacrificing someone near and dear to her.

Yohan later goes to Bangsuk in his human guise when he suddenly runs into Hayan and Euntae Hwang. He claims to the two that he is a local pastor, and acts coldly towards Hayan while in front of others. While alone, he pretends to be kind to Hayan and feeds her false information on the events that occurred 10 years ago. The next evening, he and Hayan walk in the garden alone when another vampire disguised as God ambushes the two. While Hayan told Yohan to run, Yohan eventually returns, pretending to save Hayan from a hailstorm of poisonous bullets, and fakes his death. This enrages Hayan into killing "God." However, Hayan later realizes she killed a fake and deduces that God is actually Yohan. Yohan, meanwhile, escapes the scene, confident that Hayan's heart has finally matured.

Yohan then travels to Mamon's pharmaceutical lab and factory to check in on the fake vaccines. He confirms their effectiveness by placing the unwilling test subjects under hypnosis, demonstrating the vaccines are actually designed to cause slow vampirification. He then orders the test subjects to slaughter each other, noting that the barbarisms is the true nature of humanity and vampires. He lingers in the security room of the facility as he observes Hayan and Euntae infiltrate it. After Hayan incapacitates Mamon, Yohan activates the P.A. system and taunts Hayan, who rushes to confront him. Yohan declares that all the bloodshed he has orchestrated was worth the wait and prepares to take Hayan's heart. However, Hayan enters the true Pureblood form, achieving higher levels of power and severely wounds Yohan in the stomach, forcing him to retreat.

Yohan recalls the legend of the Pureblood's true form to his personal assistant. As he does, several dying vampires approach his limo, desperate for his blood. Yohan sadistically force feeds them blood, knowing that due to their advanced age, they will die. Some time later, Yohan, harboring doubts over Vael's loyalty, assigns him to kill Euntae. He later assigns Vael to kill anyone who speaks out against the vaccine. Yohan, however, realizes that Vael has faked his loyalty and went to confront him at his hideout. While angry at Vael, he instead tells Vael that he will let him live in exchange for putting on a magic show in which Vael kills the audience in the finale.

Yohan tells his assistant that his promise to let Vael go was a lie and he intends to kill Vael at the end. He watches the show closely, and gives Vael instructions on how to start with the finale. Vael, however, turns the tables by asking Yohan to be his volunteer. Yohan, while upset, had no choice but to go along. Upon getting on the stage, Vael quickly exposes Yohan's true identity. Yohan counters by hypnotizing the audience, causing them to forget the events that just transpired and leave peacefully. Yohan then turns his attention towards Vael and the two begin to fight. Yohan has an overwhelming advantage in power, but Vael's pet lion Daniel manages to block Yohan before he is able to deal the finishing blow. Yohan is shocked when he notices Daniel has the eyes of a pureblood vampire.


Hayan Park

Hayan's first childhood friend, Yohan was the first person other than Father Michael to have known about Hayan being a vampire. Hayan reveals her secret to him when she uses her vampiric powers to defend Yohan from bullies.

Since becoming a vampire, Yohan abandons all genuine interpersonal connections. While still respectful in speech towards Hayan, he is willing to psychologically torment her and kill her to achieve his goal.

Though in few of the chapters, Yohan flickered a sign of affection for example :- He had two flashbacks when he held Hayan's cheek and starts to laugh like a maniac both the times, he was also (maybe) disturbed when Levi thought that euntae and Hayan were lovers, he ordered Vael to kill Euntae (Maybe) out of jealousy, he killed the two guards who cussed at Hayan while saying "Show her some respect!" maybe it was out of humor or sarcasm.


It is implied that Yohan lured Vael into his service by promising to help save Daniel. In return, Vael was supposedly loyal that some vampires derided him as Yohan's lapdog. In truth, however, Vael loathed Yohan and sought to undermine Yohan's plan while still appearing loyal. Upon realizing this, Yohan was absolutely livid and took the betrayal very personally. Rather than outright kill Vael, Yohan would force him to endure emotional torture and coerce him into committing unconscionable acts before finally killing him.

Powers and Abilities

As God and the originator of the vampire crisis, Yohan possesses immeasurable strength and power and is able to use all of the Angels of Death's abilities.

  • Extreme Strength: Yohan has extreme physical strength and can easily overpower an Angel of Death
  • Extreme Durability and Regeneration: Yohan is able to endure brutal attacks and rapidly heal from them. This includes poisonous bullets and even being impaled in the stomach.
  • Telekinetic Abilities: Yohan uses his telekinetic abilities to brutally kill dissenting vampires by causing them to explode. His ability in this is great enough that he does not have to use any physical gestures to aid him.
  • Ambitions Empowerment: It was stated that the vampires becomes stronger the bigger their ambitions are.
  • Shapeshifting: Yohan is able to disguise other people and conceal his vampire appearance from others.
  • Vampiric Power Suppression: Through an unknown method, Yohan is able to prevent Hayan from using her vampire powers such as hypnosis. However, he does need to be within a certain distance of her to do so.
  • Hypnosis: Yohan's hypnosis is strong enough to affect even Purebloods if they let their guard down. Yohan's ultimate plan involves using hypnosis in conjunction with the fake vaccine to turn every person in Korea into a vampire under his control.


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